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The largest and most rapid transfers of wealth in the history of the world have always occurred during massive economic change. Right now we are in the middle of the greatest transfer of wealth within the written history of the planet - This is great news for you, if you have the right information and guidance. What are you doing to take advantage of this? My name is Michael Manning, the financial mentor. I teach people to become financially independent, to have balance in their life, and how to reach all of their financial goals in a short period of time.

The Bottom Line

Here is a quick summary: I do not believe in traditional budgets. I have nothing to do with get rich quick scams. I do believe in creating financial and personal freedom. I do not believe in living below your means. Most financial "gurus" have too narrow of a focus and do not see the big picture, and because of that they often give poor advice.

Why You Want a Financial Mentor

There are several reasons you want a financial mentor. Learning from a mentor can shorten your learning curve immensely and allow you to focus on your unique financial goals and achieve them much more rapidly.

Financial mentoring provides a structured and collaborative environment in which you can not only expect financial growth but personal growth and performance improvement as well. Clients frequently state that many other aspects of their life improve along with their financial picture while being mentored.

Personal financial mentoring promotes self-discovery, improved focus, and a renewed openness to taking more effective actions. Through financial mentoring you can develop improved self-confidence and mastery over your financial security. The result is a more successful, capable and independent you.

You don't need to walk the journey to financial freedom alone. You can avoid many of the obvious mistakes and accelerate your progress with the support of your personal financial mentor - and without many of the conflicts of interest inherent in traditional financial advice.

Financial mentoring works from the inside-out, revealing the root causes of your financial problems and providing lasting change. It is not some stupid processes that create a temporary fix. Instead, my mentoring works at a deep level to produce lasting change that will benefit you long after the mentoring relationship ends. The goal is for you to stop just surviving and start thriving. Financial mentoring is not about following some get rich quick scam. It is about accelerated, consistent progress toward an inevitable result.

What Is a Financial Mentor?

A financial mentor is different than a financial advisor. Many investors are learning just enough to get by in the investment world and are happy to simply discuss their personal or family financial situations with an adviser who makes the portfolio decisions for them. That model is effective for those who do not have the time or energy to manage a portfolio on their own (assuming the advisor is good).

On the other hand, a financial mentor will not manage your portfolio. He or she will train you on how to develop personalized financial strategies that you implement yourself to reach your goals. In other words, a mentor fills the role of a personal educator, not a personal stock picker. I can show you safer and more effective investments than investing in the stock market.

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